These Subtle Washroom Fails Might Be Turning Customers Away

You’d think there isn’t much that can go wrong when it comes to washroom design, wouldn’t you? But some hilarious fails are found online. Setting aside delights like twin toilets sociably facing each other in one stall, cubicle doors that only cover the upper half of the doorway and zero cubicle legroom. We take a look at the less obvious reasons why your washroom might be putting your customers off.

It’s Too Dark

While dim, atmospheric lighting might be excellent for a lounge, it doesn’t work in a bathroom. Dark finishes can look very stylish, but washroom lighting should always be right. Make sure that there are no dingy corners to spoil the effect and that cubicles are still well lit when the doors are closed.

You Chose the Wrong Materials

Some washroom mistakes are made with the best intentions – but they’re still mistakes. For example, natural wood is lovely – but it’s not suitable for a washroom environment where you must use harsh chemicals to maintain hygiene.

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You Failed to Set a High Standard

If your washroom is clean and everything works properly, it isn’t going to put anyone off, right? Wrong! Some things manage to look off-putting without actually being unhygienic. Scuffs, scrapes, discolouration, chips, in short, any signs of wear create a terrible impression.

You Didn’t Make it Easy

A washroom should be pristine. You need to attend to the slightest bit of damage quickly. Choose standard washroom fittings from a supplier who will easily be able to provide replacements and professional installation. You can still create a unique combination, but you know you can easily carry out repairs and maintenance.

You Failed to Allocate Responsibility for Washroom Management

Even the best washroom design is going to be a disaster if nobody is accountable for washroom management and maintenance. This extends beyond supervising cleaning to checking every detail daily. Do drains work properly? Are all the cubicle latches working? Do the toilets flush? Develop a checklist – the actual inspection might take as little as five minutes, but it could save your business a great deal of embarrassment.

Oops! Out of Toilet Paper and There’s no Soap…

From the perspective of someone using an apparently-decent washroom, a toilet paper disaster is probably the biggest deal-breaker. Don’t skimp on refilling toilet paper dispensers, and ask your staff to make sure there’s always a spare roll in the dispenser. They should also top up soap dispensers as part of their routine. Once it’s a habit, it shouldn’t be a problem again.

The Solution to All Your Washroom Woes

If your washroom is letting your business down, it’s time for some TLC. You need an excellent washroom management plan, and you need a washroom that makes maintenance easy while looking great. At Cubispec, we have everything it takes to create a professional washroom – and the experienced staff to help you with design, installation and shower partition. From full washroom makeovers to tweaks, we are Australia’s washroom experts.

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