Washroom Colour: How to Get the Right Colouring

It has been long believed that colours can dramatically affect human mood, feeling and emotions. Colour is a potent communication tool that can influence human reactions, switch moods, and persuade to take action. This extends to washroom colour as well.

Different studies have suggested that colour has a severe psychological effect on human beings. It can influence performance and even affect a consumer’s buying behaviour. A few existing researchers have found that colour can impact people in a variety of surprising ways such as:

  • Blue-coloured streetlights have resulted in reduced crime according to anecdotal evidence.
  • Red causes people to react with higher speed and force.
  • Black uniforms are more likely to receive penalties. People were expected to associate negative qualities with players wearing black uniforms according to a study that analyzed historical data of sports teams and how they were dressed.

Colour and Washrooms

You are probably unaware that the colour of your washroom has been long affecting your consumer’s behaviours. Hence, choosing the right colour is even more critical in commercial and public washrooms. It will help if you are careful about what colour you want to select for your washroom. As the washroom fit-out experts, Cubispec would like to help you when it comes to considering a new washrooms colour.

Cubispec’s Pick For The Best Washroom Colour

Cubispec recommends applying light shades of various colours if you want a lively and calm washroom environment. Light shades not only relax people but also provide them with positive vibes. Below are some of our favourite picks for 2020 that you can experiment with.

White The colour white refers to a fresh and lively feeling. It is also often used to evoke a sense of youth and modernity. A crisp, white washroom is not only refreshing but also an elegant restroom style. White interiors may look simple, but they deliver a quite striking and sophisticated feeling. Try different shades of warm colour over all-white accents to give your interior a bit of a warm and cozy atmosphere. Light wood accents or softer neutrals can complement the class of white colour in the best way.

Light Blue Blue is the colour of calm and positivity that you can use as your washroom colour. It can calm our senses with its glimpse. Remember the gorgeous shade of blue when you look up to the sky or the tranquil ocean that relax you with its pace. You are sure to feel relaxed when you’re around this dreamy shade. Blue can go smoothly with other vibrant colours as well as warm colours. And you can always play with different shades of blue. Blue can perfectly fit in health clubs or gym as it can give a feeling of relaxation to the members who use the washroom after a hard workout.

Light Green If you feel like bringing the outdoors in, green is the best colour, to begin with. Green, like blue, is also a very calming colour that provides a cooling effect to even the brightest and warmest rooms. Green mixes well with other natural tones such as brown, taupe, and sand. Use various shades of green to remind your restroom users of nature and calmness.

Taupe provides you with a perfect balance between the warmth and refreshing vibrancy. It is a classic looking brown-grey shade, but it also presents a sort of modern feeling. You can choose several variations of taupe to best fit your preferences. A brown dominated taupe offers an earthy look, while a grey dominated version gives a moodier and more modern feeling. Try this shade if you would like a washroom colour that accommodates more humble people who like to relax.

Soft Grey A soft, light grey keeps the environment neutral. It offers users the cooling colours of granite and concrete with a soothing balance. To give your washroom a classic look, try simple neutral accents. Soft grey blends in well with every colour. So you can experiment it with even some of the most vibrant colours such as pink and orange. If you want to keep things calm and natural in your restroom, try different shades according to different areas.

Contact Cubispec for a detailed discussion about your washroom colour project. We have been providing the best fit-out solutions in WA for a long time.

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