Useful Tips To Revive Your Commercial Bathroom On A Budget

If you thoroughly study a survey conducted by showers to you, office bathroom facilities heavily account to employee satisfaction and retention. A well-maintained washroom is more than just a bathroom for employees where they prefer doing other activities such as putting on make-up or chatting with their colleagues.

Most students avoid restrooms of schools if they find them unsuitable to use. It can lead to physical discomforts that would not only distract them during productive hours but also heavily influence their health in the long term. Unclean restrooms impact student’s perception of the school too. Whereas, a welcoming bathroom environment of your restaurant not only helps build your brand image but also encourages positive feeling in customers about your business.

A quality washroom is crucial for the reputation of your enterprise no matter what industry you are in. That’s why you must maintain your bathroom regularly. On top of everything, the present global situation has raised the bar for the standard of a commercial bathroom, so keeping them impeccably clean isn’t the only concern anymore.

Whenever we think of maintaining the standard of bathroom facilities at a premium level, we often consider spending heavily on refurbishment. Refurbishment is a necessary process that you should take into account when your washroom reaches a condition where small repairs are frequent and costly in the long run. Electing to refurbish your bathroom more frequently, however, is not an economical option and won’t favour your finances. The good news is, you can revive your commercial bathroom on a budget without spending on a complete refurbishment if you pay careful attention to a few crucial areas.
In this article, we aim to discuss how you can refresh your commercial washroom without spending big. We would like to make you aware of the overlooked areas that can help you a great deal in enhancing the presentation of your commercial washroom.


Refresh Visuals

Apart from cleanliness, small visuals and presentation of the components can heavily impact customer experience in a commercial bathroom. Unclear signage and even faded colours can create an unwelcoming environment even though your customers may not notice or complain about them directly. If you have failed to see and improve these overlooked areas, your customer complaints and dissatisfaction levels will continue to be a problem no matter how clean you keep your washroom.

Refreshing visuals will refresh the look of your washroom environment and keep the users undistracted while they use your service.

  • Maintain signage:
    Signage is the first thing users see when entering a bathroom. It also raises the expectation of what’s inside and is crucial in a high traffic environment, especially in the hospitality industry. Maintaining signage is not a costly process; neither is it time-consuming. Experiment new ways of conveying information and see what impact it will make in future.
  • Maintain colours:
    Colours have a profound psychological impact on humans. That’s why designers put special emphasis on colours during the design phase of washrooms. Faded colours on the accessories or the corners may give a false visualisation of unclean surfaces and turn the users off though the surfaces may not necessarily be dirty. Well-maintained colour of your washroom environment will always keep it lively and welcoming. It shouldn’t be a hectic or costly process as you can DIY most of the touch-ups.
  • Light it up:
    Lighting not only impacts the mood of people but also helps present things differently. Light fittings are one of the elements of commercial washrooms that need frequent inspection and replacement. Some facility managers, however, overlook the urgency of maintaining lighting, which can lead to bad user review. Always keep perfect lighting in your washroom. Additionally, you can introduce new lighting that can delight users without them noticing the change.

Check Noises

A little annoying noise can ruin the experience of even the cleanest and correctly maintained bathroom environment. No matter how welcoming the environment is, the annoying clang of the door or the squeak of the accessories can turn off even the most tolerant users. Washroom noises are not something you can see, but it heavily impacts the quality you offer to your users.

You can ease out various noises from your washroom environment in a matter of minutes as it will only take some grease work or small parts replacement. If it’s the electronic accessories that are making annoying noise, you may need to ask for expert assistance. No matter what, don’t overlook bathroom noises.

Restore The Accessories

It’s not always the worn-out elements and broken accessories that make your washroom look unwelcoming. A little stain on top of a toilet seat or a faded paper towel dispenser can contribute to customers giving your commercial restroom a low rating. All your bathroom accessories may work fine, but the way they look heavily contribute to creating an excellent washroom environment.

Some office workers avoid using office bathrooms because they think it’s dirty, not because it is actually dirty. It’s often the visual glitches like cracked accessory tops, discoloured finishings and run-down appearances that lead people in thinking the whole washroom environment is unwelcoming. You don’t need an ‘eye for detail’ to spot these little defects that can certainly ruin a washroom experience.

  • Toilet seats:
    Toilet seats are one of the bathroom elements that you’ll need to take care of more often. Because of the frequent handling, they damage and discolour more often. Even if you have no technical experience, you can install toilet seats easily. The only thing that makes it difficult to replace a toilet seat are the rusted nuts and bolts in old toilets. After the removal, however, you can fit the seat swiftly with new model plastic bolts.
  • Dispensers:
    Dispensers are other washroom amenities that deal with heavy handling over the years. You’ll need to give special attention to the placement as well as the presentation of these elements. Replacing old dispensers with new ones is an easy process that you can do in a matter of minutes. Look for a stainless steel option for durability during your next dispenser replacement.
  • Taps:
    Some users avoid washing hands just by looking at the faucets. Though you may not need to replace such fixtures frequently if you have installed a good quality item, you’ll need to regularly inspect for leaks and other problems that can turn customers off. Consider replacing your regular taps with touchless options during the next replacement.
  • Hardware and locks:
    Small but essential items, such as locks, hooks and other hardware can rust and stop working overtime because of the humidity often present in a washroom environment. You can replace these items easily with plenty of options available in the market should you elect to replace them.

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