The Essential Barriers: Your Guide To Ideal Toilet Partitions For Your Premises

Now that you have decided to build a commercial bathroom for your enterprise, we bet you don’t just want the washroom to fulfil your patrons’ basic requirements. You want to offer more because delivering an excellent washroom experience can positively affect your business and brand reputation. Various design elements, such as flooring, stall placement, right accessories, etc., can have a profound effect on the success of your commercial bathroom.

However, another crucial element in your commercial bathroom might not be one of the first things you think about. We’re talking about the bathroom partition. Installing the right toilet partition for your washroom can provide you with financial and functional benefits. Therefore, this article will help you to choose the correct partition for your commercial bathroom.

It won’t be considered a wise financial decision if you install an expensive toilet partition that deals with a limited number of users. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to install flimsy toilet partitions in your retail store, restaurant, or school washrooms that experience heavy traffic. Therefore, choosing the right partition starts with knowing your bathroom and what your partition is made from.

So without a further ado, let’s discuss the most common materials that make toilet partitions and how they ideally fit into your washroom environment.


Metal partitions are the most economical and standard options available for commercial bathrooms. The most popular material for metal partitions is powder-coated steel. The powder-coated steel colour is achieved by powdering the steel and putting it inside an oven where the powder is baked on the surface.
Powder-coated steel partitions are assembled by covering panels of honeycomb cardboards with thick sheets of metal on either side, then layered with coloured powder baked into the metal. Though the variety of colour is limited to this option, it offers an excellent finish. And the best part: it’s one of the most affordable options available.

This partition price can vary between $250 and $1000 depending on the configuration and quantity of partitions required. This partition usually comes with at least a 1-year warranty.
Partitions made from powder-coated steels are rust and corrosion resistant, but they’re not suitable for wet environments. Don’t expect a high level of durability from these partitions either as they only offer moderate protection from vandalism. Therefore, a powder-coated steel partition can be your best solution if you are looking for a budget partition or your bathroom deals with a few users. If you aren’t too much into aesthetics, it can offer you a practical solution in your office washroom.

Plastic Laminate

Plastic laminate is created by gluing a layer of laminate to a particleboard substrate before applying a thin sheet of laminate to the metal sheet. Partitions made with plastic laminate offer the broadest range of colour choices and are quite affordable, just costing a few dollars more than powder-coated steel partitions. Additionally, many manufacturers offer at least a 1-year warranty on these products.
Due to its customisable properties and a wide variety of colour choices, plastic laminate partitions blend in with any washroom interior. These materials are relatively durable but are not recommended for wet areas, such as water parks and pool bathrooms. Be sure to have it installed away from a shower area if you install them in such environments.
These partitions can be a great addition to your retail and office bathrooms. Give extra attention if you are thinking about installing it in your gym or health club. Price of plastic laminate partitions starts approximately from $300 depending on the configuration and quantity needed.

Solid Plastic

Since it’s built with one inch thick solid plastic panels, solid plastic is a highly durable material for toilet partitions. Solid plastic partitions cost more than plastic laminate and powder-coated steel laminate partitions but come with a warranty of at least ten years.
These partitions are ideal for washrooms that deal with high traffic every day, such as public restrooms, school bathrooms, transportation facilities bathrooms, etc. They can withstand vandalism, moisture, and potent cleaning agents for environments with a considerable amount of germs.
Solid plastic offers a wide range of colour options to match with your interior. They are not cheap and are durable than many other partition types. Cost of solid plastic partitions starts from $450. Prices may vary depending on the layout and installation requirements.

Compact Laminate

Compact laminate partitions provide you with the best of solid plastic and plastic laminate partitions. These partitions are created after a solid resin core is covered with a durable melamine layer, resulting in high germ and moisture resistant material. Compact laminate partitions offer plenty of customisation options with different colour choices that match your washroom environment.
Compact laminate partitions are comparatively expensive and offer the best value for your toilet partitions. They offer the durability and toughness of solid plastic and the exclusive colour and customisation options of a laminate. Compact laminate partitions will last for years while looking incredible throughout their lifespan.
These partitions are ideal for high traffic washrooms, such as restaurant washrooms, school bathrooms and retail restrooms. You can also use them in your office washrooms and gym restrooms if you are okay with investing a little more for a great value.
Compact laminate partition price starts approximately from $950. If you want to know more about compact laminate partitions, here is a comparison of 13mm compact laminate with 18 mm vertiboard mr.

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Stainless Steel

Nothing can beat the timeless look of stainless steel. Though a bit expensive than other partitions, stainless steel partitions offer you all you want in toilet partitions. They provide durability and a sophisticated look while standing up to germs. On the other hand, stainless steel has a lower environmental impact than plastics.
Stainless steel partitions will last for a lifetime while offering a scratch-free look and cleaning-friendly features. They can be used in almost any environment, including moist environments. Whether your washroom environment deals with heavy traffic or requires a stunning finish, stainless steel partitions will do the job for you.
Stainless steel partitions can sometimes be too heavy to install but once installed they can swing easily. Prices start from approximately $1000 depending on the layout and installation requirements.

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