Washroom Renovation: Hospitality Washroom On A Budget

A well-designed functional washroom can significantly influence the customer’s experience and satisfaction in the hospitality industry. Restrooms are often not given the level of importance they should be when compared to other amenities, but according to a survey made by Formica Group in 2019, your patrons expect better comfort and experience compared to what they are commonly offered. Therefore, it may be time for a commercial washroom renovation. According to another study completed by tourism review in February 2020, almost two-thirds of people consider washrooms as the most essential features of hotels. With washrooms being so essential, it may be time to consider a washroom renovation.

Not only smart design but also excellent hygiene and timely maintenance helps you retain the quality standard of your washrooms. That’s how your customers will always feel welcome and safe when visiting your premises.

When is the Right Time to Renovate Your Washroom?

Since the washrooms of commercial enterprises such as restaurants, bars, and clubs serve a lot higher volumes of people, you are mostly required to renovate them more frequently than your domestic house bathroom. But, you shouldn’t consider renovating your washroom only because you have broken facilities or it has outdated accessories and fittings. You have to make informed renovation decisions depending on current trends.

When Your Design is Outdated

Fitting-out your washroom with quality materials means they will last long. Designs and preferences of public washrooms, on the other hand, are subject to change more frequently. It can happen because of changing Government regulations and shifting socio-political choices also.

It’s essential to create a washroom that is accessible to everyone. Therefore, you’ll want to know your clientele and make renovations according to the demand of your customers. Customers now demand and complain about not having suitable restroom facilities for their children. You might want to renovate your washroom design to fit the needs of your visitors, such as fixing junior toilet partitions for children and adding baby change stations for families with small babies.

Today’s building regulations advocate extensive requirements for disabled and family-friendly facilities in public facilities. You also want to exceed your customer’s experiences by creating a better environment for your elderly and disabled patrons as well.

When the Elements Need Serious Replacement

It’s not hard to spot damaged flooring, broken taps, toilets, partitions, and accessories in a washroom. People believe frequent repairing of broken elements is more cost-effective than changing them or renovating the place altogether. While repairs might seem beneficial, the need for regular repairing is not only costly over time but also bad for your brand’s reputation. People do not like to visit the restrooms where the locks, flush function or tap fixtures don’t work the way they expect.

While minor repairs are essential for the hassle-free operation of your washrooms, you should identify the core problems early and make decisions accordingly. You should start considering renovating the whole facility once things start falling apart frequently.

Why is Timely Washroom Renovation Important?

The washroom experience of your customers will directly influence your sales and brand image. Therefore, frequent renovations and proper upkeep of your restrooms are vital to keeping you in the game. A welcoming washroom is as important as good service and good food, and maintaining it on time pays off.

A Competitive Edge

Providing an excellent washroom experience will give your business a competitive edge. People will choose your premises over your competitors as long as you provide them with comfortable and pleasant washroom facilities. They will choose you even if you offer similar services, food and beverages.

Today, even more so since COVID19, people prefer contactless accessories and hygienic washroom equipment and environments, because of the concern with microorganism transmission. It will continue to be a significant concern in the future as well. Since people are concerned about safety while using public washrooms, it’s the right time to renovate your toilet to provide your users with a safer and cleaner experience.

Help Your Business Become More Sustainable

Washrooms make up a significant proportion of water and energy consumption in the hospitality industry. That’s why more business owners are focusing on washroom systems. This focus is not only to reduce costs but also to reduce their environmental impact. There are a lot of ways you can promote the use of “green” materials in your washroom, to help cut down utility expenses and reduce your carbon footprint.

For better sustainability, you might want to collect ideas from around the world during your washroom renovation. A typical Japanese practice of collecting hand-washed water in cisterns, and using that water to flush toilets can be an exciting addition to your revamp plan. By using this method, the Japanese save millions of litres of water each year.

For more ideas on how to be sustainable after your commercial washroom renovation, check out our Ultimate Green Washroom ideas!

Better Space Management

A careful renovation will help you manage your washroom space efficiently as well as effectively. Not providing considerable attention to washroom design during the construction phase is a common mistake as you’ll only realise the problems later on when your business commences. You can address the previous errors such as the installation of unnecessary elements and bad space planning during the renovation. Having to queue up for the washroom is considered a bad washroom experience. With proper space management, your washroom will be able to accommodate more users at once.

Make sure you partner with washroom professionals and fit-out experts before planning your next renovation.

How Much Does Commercial Washroom Renovation Cost In Australia?

Commercial washroom renovations cost depends on the choice of materials, space planning, size of your facility, tradespeople hired, and various other factors. Minor renovations can be regular affairs in the hospitality industry, given that more people use your washroom frequently.
Regular maintenance helps you provide your users with an ideal washroom environment as well as keep accessories intact for an extended period. However, you might need to renovate your washroom if regular maintenance becomes more frequent and more costly.
Commercial washroom renovations in Australia can cost can anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000 depending on various factors. Below is a list of different charges that might affect your commercial washroom renovation cost.

  • Expert bathroom renovators charge between $50 and $80 per hour.
  • Budget tiles cost anywhere from $30 to $55 per square metre, while premium tiles cost at least $165 per square metre.
  • A basic toilet costs around $250 to $400, and a premium toilet can be as much as $1200.
  • Budget Vanity cost starts from $120. The price can go as high as $1500 or more for a premium option.
  • Toilet partitions can cost you about $1,100 to $2,000, depending on their size and materials used.

Renovating Your Washroom On a Budget

Whenever the topic of renovating commercial washrooms on a budget comes up, we think of installing low-quality materials. Using low-quality materials may help minimise your costs initially, but it’s not the long term solution. With cheap materials installed, you’ll have to frequently renovate your washrooms due to a shorter service life, which will ultimately cost you more in the long run. Regular renovation, on the other hand, will disrupt everyday activities, frustrating people who use it and cause potential loss of customers.

With the right planning, partners, and use of suitable materials, you can achieve a significant commercial washroom renovation on a budget. There are several areas where you can cleverly plan your commercial washroom renovation at a minimum cost. Some of the most important ones include:

Identify Commercial Washroom Renovation Requirements

Identifying your exact need is not only crucial for saving you money but also for the completion of the project on time. If you do a thorough survey of your washroom and pinpoint all the requirements including, design, style, colour choices, and the areas that need special attention, you’ll likely get less confused later on. Always make sure whether you want a full overhaul or a partial repair before consulting with experts. When you provide a clear picture of what you want, you’ll get a more accurate quotation. By not knowing exactly what you want and not communicating it properly to the company will result in increased washroom renovation cost.

Managing Tradespeople for Your Washroom Renovation

You will need the help of various professionals for a washroom renovation. Communicating and managing all of them properly is crucial for a flawless result as well as the completion of a project on time.

Depending on the scope of your renovation project, you’ll need to deal with tradespeople such as plumbers, tilers, partition installers, and waterproofing specialists. If you have the right plan, your tradespeople will complete your project on time. It’s essential to manage them to avoid confusion and overlapping of jobs that would affect one another.

Some professional tradesmen are absolutely essential for your renovation project, while some are optional. If you have the right DIY knowledge, you can complete certain tasks to save a few dollars. But beware, inadequate knowledge can be disastrous sometimes. If you think it’s hard to manage everything, partner up with a company that gets everything done for you. The right team means you will be able to save a substantial amount of money and finish your project on time.

Washroom Renovation Sustainable Options

Sustainable options are not only affordable but also great for cutting down your yearly expenses. These environmentally friendly options help create a welcoming environment in your washroom, reducing the cost of your utility bills. There are various ways you can create a sustainable washroom. Some include:

  • Using natural materials, such as stone for flooring
  • Using recycled materials
  • Introducing plants indoors rather than finishing the walls with other materials
  • Using LED light bulbs
  • Using a low water consumption system

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