Shower Partitions

Commercial Shower Partitions in Perth, Melbourne and all around Australia

For commercial Shower partition, Cubispec have a wide selection  in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose shower partitions systems that works best for your application, and select from several easy-to-clean surface options. Whether you need to upgrade or build a brand new Shower partition walls, Cubispec has advance technic your project requires.

PODIUM Pedestal Mounted & Overhead Braced System

Architects have made the Podium Shower Partition one of our most popular styles over many years. The Pedestal mounted & braced system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh, clean lines and vibrant colour contrasts.
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podium shower partition

merge shower cubicle

MERGE Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced System

High usage bathroom areas can also be tasteful, offer enhanced privacy and provide architects with a spectrum of design choices. Cubispec's Merge Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced Shower Cubicle system offers you the opportunity to combine durability with style, while meeting even the most demanding client brief.
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​CENTURION Floor to Ceiling System

Simple and strong with a durable elegance, the Centurion Shower Partition system by Cubispec is especially suited to change rooms & commercial bathrooms. The full-length floor to ceiling design maximises privacy while combing strong, stylish lines while offering proven durability.
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​SABER Blade Mounted & Overhead Braced System

The Saber is the latest addition to our Shower Cubicle range. The Blade mounted & braced system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh, clean lines and vibrant colour contrasts.
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Cubispec – Shower Partitions

Are you planning to install shower partitioning in your premises? We would like to share some tips to help you effectively complete your project.

There are many things to consider while installing shower partitions. You must start thinking about the layout of the bathroom itself and the number of shower partitions you’ll require for the available space. Other factors include sizes, material options, styles, durability and even budget.

What are Shower Partitions?

Shower partitions are the barriers you’ll find in the restroom to separate shower cubicle areas off from each other and the rest of the bathroom.

Shower partitions are essential for maintaining the privacy and dignity of individuals when they shower in public spaces. Shower partitions make people feel safer and less stressed while taking a shower. Besides privacy, shower partitions also prevent water from overflowing in the rest of the bathroom.

Where are Shower Partitions used?

Not every place requires a shower partition. But, if you are designing a bathroom in places such as gyms, locker rooms, or college dorms, then you need a shower and a shower partition. Here are common places which require shower partitioning: