The Benefits of the Cubipanel Compact Laminate Range

When you think about modern washrooms or changerooms, imagine just how many surfaces there are. There are different surfaces in every part of the washroom, from walls to sinks, tiles to doors. Surfaces in the environment help add to the aesthetic of the facilities, creating a pleasant environment through multiple textures & finishes. However, these can also become dirty, worn, damaged, or even carriers of germs and other contaminants.

Choosing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing surfaces that are easy to clean is a great way to ensure your washrooms maintain a fresh, modern feel and doesn’t compromise the health of your employees or visitors. Cubipanel Compact Laminate solves many of the problems associated with lesser surfacing solutions. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Cubipanel Compact Laminate.

Large Colour Range

Cubipanel offers a vast range of compact laminate colours to choose from. For modern gyms, cafe’s, restaurants, bars and End of Trip environments, colour choice is essential to creating the optimum washroom or change room facility. Whether incorporating your company colours or constructing a particular interior design style, you need to have surface options available to you.

Cubispec stocks 7 different Cubipanel Compact Laminate colours and can provide more than 60 other colours on special order! Our experts in Sales Consultants can work with your design team to find the right colour solutions for every surface in your changerooms and washrooms.


Washrooms & Changerooms are often the last space considered in Interior Design. Still, as they play a massive role in user experience, they should be given prime consideration. Whether your facilities are for client use or valued employees, the space must be designed to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Wet areas of your premises, namely Toilet & Shower cubicles & Locker Rooms, require non-porous surface solutions to prevent damage & bacterial & viral contamination.

Cubipanel Compact Laminate is completely impervious to water damage, protecting the structure underneath. This is particularly important in the case of water ingress, which can cause timber and other building materials to swell or rot.

Antibacterial & Antiviral

We live in a time now where the transfer of bacteria and viruses is more of a focal point than ever before. Many types of bacteria can form on surfaces, leading to mould harming people’s health. In addition, viruses, contagions, and other bacteria can live on surfaces and be transmitted easily by those who interact with them.

For the health and safety of both your employees and guests, choosing Cubipanel Compact Laminate is the healthy way to go. With Safeguard Technology Plus, this solid compact laminate helps keep bacteria and other germs away.

Easy to Clean

Naturally, regardless of how anti-bacterial and anti-viral a surface is, regular cleaning is still required to ensure health and safety in any washroom or changeroom. 

With a strong focus on maintaining a well-presented and healthy working condition, the facilities must be constructed from surface solutions that are easy to clean.

Cubipanel Compact Laminate allows you to create easy-to-clean spaces throughout your Washrooms & Changerooms.

Highly Resistant to Chemicals

With extensive reliance on chemicals to clean Washrooms & Changerooms, the materials selected must be resistant to chemical damage.

Cubipanel is resistant to most harmful chemicals, making them easier to clean and last longer. For maintaining a beautiful changeroom or restroom environment, Cubipanel laminate ticks all the boxes.

Greenguard Certified (Low VOC Emission)

Finally, Cubipanel Compact Laminate is Greenguard Certified. This means it has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. VOC emissions can be harmful to humans and impact the air quality in a washroom or any such confined space. That’s why Cubipanel has worked hard to source compact laminate for washrooms & changerooms that won’t harm air quality for the facility patrons.

Considering Cubipanel Compact Laminate for your washrooms?

If you’d like to know more about Cubipanel or even see it for yourself, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] or contact us on 1800 951 235 today. Ask us about healthy, durable and visually stunning surfacing solutions for your Wash Rooms, Locker Rooms and Change Rooms.


We’ll work together to help you design & construct the ultimate washroom amenities.

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