6 Important Commercial Bathroom Design Elements To Consider

Did you know seven out of ten office employees expect a similar experience when using their workplace restrooms as their bathrooms at home? A recent study from Armitage Shanks reveals fascinating facts that shows how commercial restrooms affect people’s decisions.

The study reports that many office employees believe the quality of the washrooms at their workspaces has a direct impact on their job satisfaction and wellbeing. Additionally, it also states that the bathroom experience of commercial sectors determines whether customers will return to the business or not. According to a similar survey from Bradley corp, people spend more in the businesses that provide them with better washroom experience.

There are several studies and proofs that back up the fact that your commercial bathroom can play a vital role in driving the reputation of your enterprise. An impact on reputation means a more significant impact on the future of your business. Therefore, if you are planning to build a new washroom facility for your business or refurbishing an old one to address the demands of users, you should keep in mind that design plays a vital role in accomplishing your goals.

The ideal bathroom is about providing your users with great experience and also about achieving it efficiently so that it favours your finances as well. There is no universal formula to achieve a perfect bathroom, but if you understand the essential elements of a bathroom design, it’s not that hard!

In this article, we will discuss the six most critical areas you should consider while designing your commercial bathroom for the best results. They are as follows:

1. Purpose

It may seem that all bathrooms serve the same purpose from the surface. But if you dive deeper, the core purpose of every commercial restroom is to serve a specific group of people. For instance, office workers expect a comfortable washroom that provides them with a homely feeling. Similarly, gym members expect a neat changing room and reliable lockers along with a comfortable restroom, whereas restaurant or retail customers expect less crowded and cleaner bathrooms.

Just like businesses need to understand their target audience before promoting their goods and services, you should understand your commercial washroom users to create the right washroom environment for the right people. Do not hesitate to research the users, know their expectations and find ways to address them effectively in advance.

2. Expected Number Of Users

It can be tricky to precisely predict the number of future restroom users in some industries. For example, you can’t forecast how many customers will visit your restaurant or your retail store. You can, however, calculate the peak hours or the days when there will be the highest number of visitors. That way, you can figure out how big your restroom capacity should be and you will find most legislative authorities will determine a minimum requirement if you intend to serve and host the public as part of your business offering..

It’s best if your commercial bathroom size addresses the largest number of people you expect could use it at any time. Designing your commercial washroom with the users in mind will allow you to deal with future issues, such as cleanliness, long queues, and crowding.

3. Fixtures And Accessories

Installation of ideal fixtures and accessories makes sure users have a good washroom experience, and you have to worry less and about the maintenance cost of the bathroom environment. If you want to impress your washroom users, you should think beyond regular fixtures and accessories. If you want to know about essential washroom accessories beyond your everyday thoughts and considerations. Click here if you are interested in this read.

Your commercial bathroom deals with a lot more traffic than your washroom at home does. The fixtures and accessories of your commercial bathroom should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand rough handling and high traffic. I However, it can be tricky when you have to carefully consider the cost of your fixtures concerning your budget.

There are a few essential things you should consider while looking for the right fixtures and accessories, such as design, technological updates, and quality. Installing quality fixtures may cost more in the beginning, but they are more economical over the long term, given that they have a longer service life and require less maintenance. Many people prefer touchless accessories over traditional accessories. So make sure your bathroom accessories address the expectations of the users correctly.

4. Budget

Your budget will heavily influence your washroom design no matter what you expect out of it. For your commercial bathrooms, a post-installation budget is also crucial. Therefore, you’ll have to consider the budget for future water usage and make installation plans accordingly.

Going beyond your budget and installing the highest quality materials in your commercial washroom is not a wise decision because it will undoubtedly hurt your finances. Still, there are various ways you can get the best for your bathroom without compromising the quality.

Some people take water for granted, and you’ll be paying for the water consumption in your washroom as a business owner providing these facilities. Installing fixtures, such as motion sensor faucets and automatic flush can help you conserve water. They may be costly upfront but are cost-effective options in the long run. While budgeting, always consider long-term benefits as well apart from initial costs.

5. Cleanliness and Odour management

Keeping your commercial washroom impeccably clean at all times is crucial. A finding from Nelson Barber and Joseph M. Scarcelli argues that a clean and odour free environment is the first thing your users expect from your bathroom facilities. You may think you can manage cleanliness with the right routine and use of proper equipment and workforce, but planning your bathroom space with cleanliness management in mind can make things much better.

Install a clean-friendly fixture and plan the proper amount of ventilation in your bathroom for the best results. The right design and suitable materials will undoubtedly make cleanliness more effective and the whole process efficient in future.

6. Codes and Regulations

Building codes and regulations are different in different places. Researching your local building codes is crucial before constructing your commercial washroom since you could be denied a permit should your bathroom violate the regulations. Additionally, understanding building codes can be beneficial for you since they will guide you to build your facility in the best way while ensuring safety for everyone. Therefore, taking regulations as a design guide for your commercial bathroom can lift an amount of pressure from your head.

Final words

Designing your commercial washroom correctly with the right elements is not the end game. If you want to provide your patrons with the best experience, you shouldn’t be overseeing it’s frequent maintenance after everything is set up. Therefore, you should plan your commercial washroom with future challenges and customer expectations in mind.

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