Everything You Should Know When Designing a Washroom

Did you know that a well-thought-out washroom can lead to improved productivity in the workplace? Providing top grade facilities in an attractive environment can make staff feel more valued. Enhancing staff satisfaction by providing facilities that are comfortable, clean and stylish, is a worthwhile investment that pays off in improved staff engagement.

A well-designed washroom also creates an excellent first impression on customers, clients and potential employees. Therefore, enhancing the image of your brand.

First off, the basics

First off, a washroom is a public facility and needs to be clean, hygienic and have the appropriate ratio of toilets, urinals and washbasins to the number of people expected to be using them. It must also make provision for disabled people. Hot and cold water, soap and sufficient paper towels or hand dryers are essentials.

While providing changing facilities, lockers and benches are two key features that you should consider. Cubicle systems for changing facilities provide privacy while presenting a professional image.

While a corporate washroom needs to be practical, it can still be a pleasant place that has a positive impact on those who use it.

Add a splash of colour

Using corporate colours or logos in the washrooms creates a unique feature and a coherent, professional feel. Creative use of colour brightens the interior for spaces with limited natural light and strategically placed wall mirrors, or large mirror units can also help to make a small space seem larger and lighter.

Highly used areas need to incorporate functional designs to ensure the washroom is easy and efficient to maintain and keep clean. Concealed panel fixings allow for easy access to pipework, allowing for easy maintenance and repairs.

The extras that make a washroom extraordinary

Beyond mere functionality and practicality, consider the addition of quality touches that will elevate the user’s experience, such as:

  • coat rack/ purse hooks
  • air-circulating fan
  • full-length mirror
  • plants
  • unique fixtures / furnishings
  • supplies area with first aid kit, pain-killers, air-purifying spray, feminine supplies, etc.
  • someplace to sit other than the toilet

Taking the time to elevate your corporate washroom design to the next level will ensure that the facilities feel more personal than institutional. The more humane and engaging the space becomes, the more likely it is that the people who use it will care about the other people that use it. Designing a people-friendly washroom can go a long way towards impacting how people feel about working together as a team.

Cubispec manufactures impeccable washroom systems, implementing contemporary technology and craftsmanship. We manufacture to the highest standard! This means we aim to create the most efficient, durable, economical and stylish commercial washrooms in Australia.

We offer unparalleled expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of washroom and change room fitouts, with a wide range of toilet and shower partitions, lockers and bench seating and a large selection of fittings and accessories.

Our implementation of the Lean Total Excellence Manufacturing system ensures that we are highly efficient. Moreover, it means we are competitive while remaining flexible and adaptable to our clients’ needs.

Our design team will be happy to collaborate with you on design and functionality. In addition, we can manufacture locally to suit your needs. Contact us for a no-obligation chat about your next project, or browse our product range now.

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