Toilet Partitions

PODIUM Pedestal Mounted & Overhead Braced System

Architects have made the Podium Toilet Partition one of our most popular styles over many years. The Pedestal mounted & braced system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh, clean lines and vibrant colour contrasts.
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MERGE Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced System

High usage bathroom areas can also be tasteful, offer enhanced privacy and provide architects with a spectrum of design choices. Cubispec's Merge Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced system offers you the opportunity to combine durability with style, while meeting even the most demanding client brief.
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​CENTURION Floor to Ceiling System

Simple and strong with a durable elegance, the Centurion by Cubispec is especially suited to change rooms & commercial bathrooms. The full-length floor to ceiling design maximises privacy while combing strong, stylish lines while offering proven durability.
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​SABER Blade Mounted & Overhead Braced System

The Saber is the latest addition to our Toilet Partition range. The Blade mounted & braced system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh, clean lines and vibrant colour contrasts.
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JUNIOR Floor Mounted & Free Standing System

The bright, bold colours of the Junior Toilet Partitions create a warm and fun environment which gives the children a sense of safety and peacefulness. The floor mounted & free stnading system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh, clean lines and vibrant colour contrasts.
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What Are Toilet Partitions?

Toilet partitions are enclosures that separate one toilet from another in public bathrooms. Their purpose is to provide privacy for those using the bathroom stalls in a public restroom.
Commercial places, retail locations and public buildings all require quality toilet partitions that are durable, easy to maintain and reflect quality and strength. The condition of your bathroom reflects the performance and ownership of your business. So, you must care and maintain your toilet as you do for the physical store.

Why Are Toilet Partitions Used?

Maintain privacy and secrecy
No one would feel comfortable if they have to worry about some stranger watching them. In public toilet rooms, toilet partitions play a vital role in creating a private and safe environment for people.

Customer Retention
The state of your bathroom will reflect on how your customer views your business. If your bathroom is pleasing and clean, your customers are apt to reengage with your business in the coming future.

Every aspect of your business tells a story to your customers about who you are as a company. If you are a high-end restaurant, don’t you want to have an attractive bathroom to complete the image of your brand?

Partitions need regular maintenance because of high traffic volumes. Choose toilet partition material that is easy to clean and maintain.

Care for your customers
Nothing tells your customers you value their experience like a well-maintained bathroom. New toilet partitions add freshness to your bathroom, leaving your customer with a positive feeling about your business. Investing in quality partitions will separate you from your competition in the long run.

You can customise toilet partitions for your commercial bathroom in a wide range of colour options. You can also customise the height of the panels to fit the bathroom of all sizes.

Commercial Toilet Partitions in Perth, Melbourne and across Australia

When it’s time for toilet partitions, look no further than Cubispec Washroom Systems. We have an extensive range of products and material options that work for restrooms of all sizes.

Choose toilet partitions systems that work best for your application and select from several easy-to-clean surface options. Whether you need to upgrade or build a brand new towel partition, Cubispec has advanced technique your project requires.

Your toilet partition will be of maximum durability and require minimal maintenance. We offer standard sizes and configurations but are also happy to help you with custom designs, layouts, and dimensions for your res

Before jumping to the toilet partition, we encourage you to review different material and designs available in Cubispec. Our core toilet partition systems include PODIUM Toilet Partitions, MERGE Toilet Partitions, CENTURION Toilet Partitions, SABER Toilet Partitions and JUNIOR Toilet Partitions. Once you settle with the proper toilet partition system, we can then go further to the next step.

At Cubispec, we offer an array of toilet partition manufacturers and materials to provide you with the best fit for your brand. Contact us at [email protected] or phone 1800 951 235 to discuss your project requirements.