Gym Lockers


Gym Lockers

As one of the most essential components of all changing rooms, gym lockers provide the appropriate space for your patrons to store their personal belongings. Functional as well as aesthetically designed lockers for gym can help achieve a pleasant environment in change rooms. Gym lockers have long been helping gym customers securely store their personal items. As people carry valuable electronic gadgets with them, safer and more secure lockers are in greater demand.

It is the responsibility of gym owners to install better lockers to provide customers with space to safely store their belongings to ensure peace of mind whilst they are on your premises. Below are a few factors that suggest the benefits of quality gym lockers.

Security Is Our First Prioirity


High Level Of Security To Your Customers Belongings

Security is one of the biggest issues any gym management has to deal with. Gyms are one  of the highly targeted places for gadgets and wallets theft is Australia. Personal gym locker with a key of digital lock can offer a convenient solution to the security issue to your customers. With the right gym lockers installed at your premises, your customers can enjoy their workout without having to be concerned about the security of their belongings.

Keeps Your Changing Rooms Free Of Clutter

Since gym lockers offer space to store bags, gadgets and other personal belongings, it also helps to keep you changing room tidy. As the saying goes, “Tidiness is next to Godliness”, clean and well-managed gyms not only have a positive impact on your customers but also helps retain them.

Choose Your Size and Style

There are various types of gym lockers available for both commercial and industrial units in the Australian market. But it’s your unique requirement that dictates your choice in installing the right-sized gym locker. If you need gym lockers to store items such as jackets and coats or spare clothes that require a more expansive compartment, a taller locker with hanging hooks or rail is perfect. For backpacks, mobile phone or tables, and other smaller items, consider smaller drawers. Usually, we recommend a locker of minimum 200mm to 300mm width for regular storages.

At CUBISPEC, we offer specially designed lockers for personal storage, ideal for large backpacks, travel bags, handbags, trainers or gym kits. Gym lockers can also be installed along with other accessories, such as trays, and storage boxes.

Before buying a storage locker, it is key to understand your needs, including the dimensions of your changing room. Our experienced staff will guide you through your selection process of non-standard locker sizes or even suggest alternative furniture items if a locker system is not suitable for you. Contact CUBISPEC now to discuss your specific gym locker needs.


Types of Gym Lockers Available At Cubispec

Cubiloc Timber Laminate Lockers

With the ability to give a fresh look along with dependable strength and security, Cubiloc lockers inspire new design possibilities and innovation. The locking system comes in various options such as key, smart card, number labeling , and so on. These lockers can be installed in gyms, schools, universities, sports complexes, recreational centers, mining camps, and open-plan offices. Thus, whether it’s for a fitness centre or office, Cubiloc lockers provide a stunning finish to the rooms.  

These Australian made items are available in 1 door, 2 door, 3 doors, 4 doors or any door options. Their features include:

  • 13mm compact laminate or 18mm structural board doors
  • Moisture resistant - 16mm white moisture resistant carcass
  • Various locking systems 
  • Shelf and coat rail 
  • End panels available for exposed ends
  • Custom sizes and colors 
  • Revit drawings available to download for architects and designers


  • Compact laminate - 10 years
  • Structural MR MDF board - 7 years
  • Hardware - 7 years

Lynx Metal Lockers

Built to withstand any rigours of the commercial environment, Lynx lockers are made with sturdy metal not only to secure personal belongings but keep your space clutter free. These lockers are made using high-grade metal with a standard key locking system. They provide durability and resistance from harmful chemicals, bacteria, and other materials. Designed for functionality, Lynx metal lockers are best for any outdoor or indoor environment. 

These durable metal lockers come with a 10-year warranty and are slightly more susceptible to corrosion. Their features are:

  • Supplied Assembled
  • Riveted construction for extra strength
  • Full-length stiffeners fitted to every door
  • Cam lock with two keys, Mastered series
  • Can be banked in lots of 2 or 3
  • Name holder fitted to every door
  • Coat rail and hat shelf in single door
  • Coat hooks in 2 door units

ABS Heavy-Duty Plastic Gym Lockers

An ideal locker for busy environments such as school, office, gym locker room, or swimming pool, ABS heavy duty plastic gym lockers are sturdy and strong. Providing a stunning look to your space, these lockers come with several features such as rust resistant, durability and easy maintenance. As metal lockers are more susceptible to corrosion, plastic lockers also fit any wet environment. These lockers come in a range of colors to suit your mood and surroundings. 


  • Waterproof and UV proof
  • Vandal-proof and easy to clean
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Multiple locking options
  • eco-friendly/ recyclable
  • Scratch resistant

All these lockers are available in Perth, Melbourne and all states of Australia.


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