The Ultimate Green Washroom – Does an eco-friendly washroom in service businesses attract new customers?

Green practices are becoming more and more of the norm. Companies are realising the impact of incorporating ecological and sustainable practices on their business.

From economic savings to influencing customer perception towards your company. There are loads of benefits for making your business more eco-friendly. An eco-friendly environment also improves employee and customer satisfaction.

Customers these days are likely to trust eco-friendly companies more because they hold both present and future vision. Promoting environmentally friendly methods can set your business apart from competitors and attract new customers.

By choosing eco-friendly practices, you will also adopt sustainable ways of addressing positivity against the impacts of climate change from individual level, and your business will have a better chance to flourish in the long-term.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Practices

Business sustainability is an approach to creating long-term value by considering the ecological, social, and economic environment where the business operates. Sustainability is very important these days across all industries. There is a link between sustainability, trust, and reputation. Reducing the environmental impact of your business will also enhance the sustainability of your business.

Eco-Friendly Design for Commercial Washrooms

From choosing sustainable products to making small changes in the washroom systems to benefit the environment, there is a range of activities you can practice for an eco-friendly transformation. When you make your washroom environmentally friendly, you save money on electricity, water, and other resources that you can reuse to invest in your business.

If you’re in a service business, making your washroom sustainable and eco-friendly is a great way to market yourself as a responsible company towards employees and the society. Service-based businesses such as restaurants, bars, and cafes can also combine a few eco-friendly practices to better position themselves as a responsible company and capture lasting value from their efforts. It is because people associate the state of the washrooms to the whole operations of the business.

Washrooms are considered sustainable when they use durable materials that will not need frequent replacements and has a low environmental impact. To make your commercial washroom greener and more sustainable, we have presented some ideas that you can start practising right away.

• Lighting:

Switching to LED light bulbs is simple and highly efficient. On average, LED bulbs consume 80 per cent less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs.

• Green Cleaning Products:

A lot of products that are available in the market to clean washrooms leave harmful chemicals down the drains. Most eco alternatives have cleaning products that have reduced bleach content. You need not use harsh chemicals to flush into the drains when many green products can clean your washroom and make it hygienic without harming the environment.

• Water Usage:

Installing low-flow toilets is another consideration to save water. Alternatively, you can install the Japanese method where wastewater is collected in cisterns, and converted to toilet water. By using this method, the Japanese save millions of gallons of water each year.

• Materials/Products:

Different products such as touchless soap dispensers, faucets, toilets, and hand dryers all promote good washrooms. Electric hand dryers that have no-touch operations help to create healthier washrooms. By using soap dispensers, you can control excessive use of soaps in your commercial washrooms. Hand dryers and faucets are great for water and energy-saving features.

When you’re selecting dispensers for your washrooms, ensure they are controlled-use devices. This helps to discourage paper waste by controlling how much paper towel is dispensed with every use. Automated dispensers are also convenient and easy to use! They offer the benefit of being more hygienic since you do not need to touch the device.


Being conscious of the environment is something we should take seriously these days. Green restrooms are resource-efficient and use products that do not impact human health. By examining the above green practices, you can improve the bottom line, customer satisfaction, and long-term operation of your business.

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