Create A Healthy Start With End Of Trip Facilities

​Ten years ago, if you’d mentioned ‘end of trip’ facilities, few people would have understood what you were saying. Additionally, without prior knowledge, you would assume it’s a luxury item that couldn’t possibly apply to your business.

Fast forward to today, and it’s rapidly becoming clear that end of trip facilities are becoming essential for businesses. These businesses are wishing to attract and keep the best people. Providing bicycle parking areas, showers, vanities, toilets, lockers, and other necessities allows staff to commute sustainably. Furthermore, it will enable them to exercise during lunch and breaks, as they can return to work fresh.

​Cycling to work, in particular, delivers a range of health benefits, reduces sick days and increases productivity. By providing amenities that facilitate active commuting employees’ views of employers will improve.

End of trip facilities that make active commuting easy are an excellent indicator of an organisation’s willingness to ‘put its money where its mouth is’. Moreover, it shows their commitment to staff wellbeing and health, environmental care and energy use reduction.

A growth area in the Perth CBD

The proliferation of end of trip facilities Perth has experienced in recent years underscores the impact it can have on employee satisfaction and retention, productivity, health wellbeing, and environmental protection.
The inclusion of end of trip facilities in new development plans is now standard. Designers are now undertaking existing building refurbishments are increasingly devoting space and budget to such facilities.

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The Quadrant – a healthy example

A recent multimillion-dollar upgrade of iconic Perth City building The Quadrant showcases the benefits of end of trip facilities. Whereas the building’s owners, tenants and workforce reaped the benefits of them. The luxury washroom and locker room fittings and appointments, including Laminex compact laminate toilet partitions and shower cubicles, and compact laminate lockers, were designed, manufactured and installed by Cubispec, which also provided and installed the vanities, change room bench seats and plumbing hardware.

Roly Egerton-Warburton, of Sheffield Property, which marketed the refurbished office space, said that end of trip facilities are integral in the successful leasing of Perth CBD commercial assets. Additionally, the quality of end of trip facilities often influences tenant decisions. He said, “The End of Trip Facilities at the Quadrant are amongst the very best in the market. They are a key attribute to this A Grade Asset.”

Design considerations

In creating attractive, durable and functional end of trip facilities, particularly the wet areas and locker rooms, designers need to consider the number of users and volume at peak times. This will help determine the number and configuration of lockers and change room benches, vanities, toilet cubicles and shower cubicles. Material choices include timber lockers and laminate lockers, Laminex or compact laminate toilet partitions, and timber benches with or without hanging rails.

Ideally, the designer should work with a commercial washroom and end of a trip specialist such as Perth’s Cubispec. Cubispec offers a complete design service, onsite manufacturing and professional installation service.

Top-tier solutions for toilet partitions and end-of-trip facilities.

Choose Cubispec for unparalleled excellence in toilet partitions and end-of-trip facilities. Experience innovative designs that combine functionality and style, ensuring lasting quality. Elevate your space with Cubispec’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and user satisfaction.

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