Choosing the Right Materials for Your Changeroom Environment

No matter what’s going on at the front of the house, it’s the changeroom that either inspires confidence or leaves it, visitors, with a feeling of disquiet and a strange urge to rush out and buy litres of disinfectant.  It’s one of those areas where sentiment supersedes fact.

Anything dark or dingy, anything less than ultra-clean-looking is going to remind changeroom visitors that theirs aren’t the first bare feet to pass this way. It’s not an environment in which fastidious people will tolerate the innocuous smudge, the innocent watermark, or the perfectly hygienic bit of discolouration.

Material choices are, therefore, an important consideration. Materials that might be magnificent in your bathroom at home might not suit a chaneroom. It might not work because a changeroom environment has to deal with a lot more than a domestic washroom.

So, What Are We Looking for in Changeroom Materials?

Ideally, we want seamless surfaces as far as possible. And any seams or joins in countertops and partitioning should be perfectly sealed.

The materials must be easy to clean. Gloss-look finishes aren’t a must. Some of the wood-look finishes appear natural. Additionally, they don’t have the porosity or texture that could make getting a scuff mark out, a time-consuming task.

We also need materials that can take the punch when it comes to regular disinfection and cleaning. A well-attended changeroom will require several cleanings and spot-cleanings every day depending on what its users throw at it. There’ll be quite a lot of exposure to harsh chemicals.

And they must dry fast: for example, real wood and terracotta may be beautiful materials, but they’re not the best choice for the changeroom environment. Because of their porosity, they would feel damp all day long. Nobody enjoys a changeroom with a second-hand feel.

But looks also matter. When in doubt, go white and bright. Yes, an impressive vanity might please the ladies. Mysteriously dim lighting and dark-coloured restroom décor with strategically placed knick-knacks are adequate for a restaurant loo. But changerooms are in a class of their own. Bright, almost-clinical lighting design and choice of colours are the standards.

Replacement changeroom panels, countertops, modules, and components should be quick and easy to get. In any space that enjoys a steady stream of folks passing through, the darndest things can and do happen. If you need to replace a component, you want a perfect match, and you want it urgently.

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Quality, A Touch of Creativity, and Hygiene

When installing a changeroom, choosing materials that give you all the properties we just discussed, plus a few bonuses will be your big aim. At Cubispec, we have the materials, the units, and the accessories you need to create a changeroom environment that enhances your business’s image.

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And although you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with your changeroom design, there are still enough options to allow you room for creativity plus a few snappy details. Besides choosing the right materials for your changeroom, you can show your company put some thought into its design.

Getting started with your new changeroom facility is as easy as getting in touch with us. You get a free consultation and the changeroom materials solutions you’ve been looking for.

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