Urinal Dividers

Urinal dividers ensure privacy in an open floor plan for washrooms. Also known as privacy screens, these are screens affixed in between the urinals to shield the visual and offer a sense of personal space. CUBISPEC offers a plethora of options to browse through to find a match for your bathroom needs. 

Our urinal partitions are unobtrusive and fit right into any washroom plan. They offer an attractive and comfortable appearance to modern washrooms. The dividers we offer range from different prices, sizes, mounting options, colours, and materials. Furthermore, they are easy to install which ensures a shorter lead time. We can also add extra helping hands on the project in case you need to meet an emergency deadline. Just give us a heads up beforehand! 

In a commercial setting, choosing the right urinal screens can come down to understanding the material used. The choice of material determines how easy it will be to maintain and how long they will last. Since the dividers can be prone to a lot of wear and tear, it’s always best getting a divider made from a sturdy material. Choosing a material base like fibre plastic and metal-coated dividers makes cleaning an easy task. They also fall under the robust and widely preferred option for commercial bathroom settings.

Get in touch with our specialist team to get an idea of the urinal partition materials, colours, and designs we offer. Our designs are best-suited for a commercial setting, thus offering the patterns and products widely trusted and used by schools, offices and hospitality sectors. These partitions can also be customised to match your individual needs. In case you have specifics in mind about what the result should look like, do let us know. 

Our customised solution ensures you’ll never have to worry about the urinal divider size or any other problem that arises while making sure you have the ideal urinal dividers installed at your premises. To start your custom made project, you can contact us with the details about your requirements. Our team will partner up with you and guide you to make the right choice. 

Our diligent team at CUBISPEC will work to create the specific look you desire. We don’t just care about the aesthetics but also the functionality of your washroom. Thus, we work to present the best urinal dividers and other bathroom fitting solutions and match them to your taste. We help to put the architect’s design from paper to reality and ensure that the customer achieves the look they craved for in the first place. 

We have been in the industry for decades now and have ensured quality and prompt services to our customers. You can trust us for the best advice, service, follow up and price quotations for your washroom project. We ensure a free flow of communication and easy collaboration to ensure your requirements are well listened to and understood. We believe in working together to craft a satisfying project and building long term relationships with our clients on the way.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1800 951 235 to discuss your project requirements.

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