Providing End Of Trip Facilities For Your Staff

More and more people in Perth are choosing to get to work by pedal power these days. The logic is simple. A bike is cheaper to run, faster in the busy Perth traffic, better for the environment and better your health.

The one major problem with this is when you turn up at work you can be a tad sweaty. However, this is all about to change as many offices in Perth are starting to provide end of trip facilities for their staff members. The next step is to persuade the government to provide something similar to what the Europeans have. For example, some countries in Europe, including England, have Ride2Work schemes set up where financial incentives are offered to encourage more cycling.

It doesn’t have to be the government who offers these incentives. The company they work for can provide by the incentives. With more and more people wanting to ride to work, it is unfortunate that some people are unable to afford it. The initial outlay for a decent bicycle can be out of some peoples reach. If companies would loan the money to their staff, they could take it back gradually from their salary. Not only will the employee win, but so will the company itself. Happy and healthy teams are generally more productive in the workspace, so it is a win-win situation for all involved. Once all of your staff are cycling to work, you need to supply them with some facilities.

End Of Trip Facilities

End of trip facilities is the way forward when it comes to looking after your staff. Providing them with somewhere to park their bikes is just the start. Architects are designing and building some impressive end of trip facilities throughout Perth. The architects are supplying office staff with lockers to store their cycling gear and showers, complete with washroom accessories, to wash away the sweat. Perth’s architects are creating beautiful and functional spaces with facilities that will make you want to cycle to work. Whole changing rooms filled with bench seats, lockers, commercial showers partitions, toilet partitions, washroom accessories and so much more. These end of trip facilities are created by architects who are oozing class and style.

Concluding Thoughts

Cubispec Washroom Systems are leading the way when it comes to providing cyclists with end of trip facilities. Their lockers and toilet partitions are constructed from high-quality materials and come in pretty much whatever colour you can think of. All of the toilet partitions and lockers come with a 10-year material warranty and a lifetime installation warranty so you know that the product and installation work is top of the range. Cubispec Washroom Systems can provide bench seating and all the washroom accessories you need to complete your end of trip facilities. All of Cubispec’s washroom accessories meet the Australian Standards for ambulant and disabled facilities.

If you want your staff to start off their day in the best possible way, contact Cubispec Washroom Systems today.

Top-tier solutions for toilet partitions and end-of-trip facilities.

Choose Cubispec for unparalleled excellence in toilet partitions and end-of-trip facilities. Experience innovative designs that combine functionality and style, ensuring lasting quality. Elevate your space with Cubispec’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and user satisfaction.

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