The Importance Of Having Suitable Toilet Facilities In Schools & Universities

The restrooms of schools and universities should be able to effectively accommodate hundreds of students, if not thousands, each day. Delivering the best bathroom experience in such places can be a challenging task. However, it’s crucial to deliver a good restroom experience to students. Moreover, it can negatively affect a student’s life and lead to some students not using the restroom facility during school. 

Restroom designs, unfortunately, are given little thought during the planning and construction of the school or university facilities. It hasn’t been long since gender politics sparked a debate about restroom use in schools and universities in Australia. Although restrooms are given slightly better attention than before, it’s still not adequate.

It is crucial that the disheartening view of school restrooms improve. With the right design, installation of materials, and attention to the issues that students face daily while using the restroom. Let’s focus on the core areas that can help a great deal in delivering the best restroom experience to students.

How long has it been since your washroom facilities were upgraded or even modernised? Do they cater for all of your student and staff needs? Would you accept the same level of hygiene, comfort or serviceability in your own home?

Frequent Cleanliness and Better Hygiene

As a school or university, your responsibility to students and staff encompasses every aspect of their health, safety and comfort. Moreover, you have a responsibility for the cleanliness and hygiene of the washroom. Furthermore, to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene, washrooms, as well as their cleaning schedule, should be upgraded frequently.

No amount of cleaning will suffice when it comes to toilet partitions. To ensure proper standards of hygiene you should replace toilet partitions. The high volume of traffic and usage means they can deteriorate faster and more significantly than any other building component. Any washroom can be revitalised quickly and effectively by changing the toilet partitions and thoroughly cleaning the tiles. 

Well-thought Design

Even if the washroom facilities are clean at the highest standards, a bad design can play with the psychology of the users. Many students prefer privacy while using the restroom and not getting it right can not only make them reluctant to use the washroom during active hours but also affect their daily life. There is deep psychology related to restroom use that most of the students do not share anywhere, not even with their closest friends.

There have been different studies that reveal stunning facts about human psychology behind restroom use. A well-thought design plays an essential role in fighting these issues effectively. A little more attention in the creation of the restrooms – whether it be a new build or refurbishment – can deliver unexpected results.

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Use of The Right Material

Vandalism and deterioration are common when a large group of individuals use the same facility each day. Whether it’s graffiti, breaking of soap dispensers or clogging toilets, it costs to fix such mess. Use of durable materials, however, can mitigate the damage from different destructive behaviours of the students. Products made with solid plastic, or stainless steel are among the best options to deal with such an environment in the long term. Solid plastic products are reasonable options among the two. 

The right restroom materials can help you with your cleaning and maintenance problems in the long run also. Make sure you choose a suitable material that can effectively cope with the situation of your restroom environment.

The Solution Can Be Simple and Inexpensive

The consequences of inadequate washroom facilities can range from students failing to concentrate – because they’re uncomfortable yet refuse to use the facilities – to the spread of bacteria, higher ongoing maintenance and consumable costs, and incitement to vandalism.

Cubispec has developed a high-quality toilet partition system that is cost-effective and easy to install, and it’s available for your washroom makeover now.

The Cubispec team is happy to inspect your current facilities and point out areas of potential improvement and to design, manufacture and install suitable upgrades.

You may wish to enhance the hygiene factor to make standardised cleaning easier and provide greater accessibility or simply improve the comfort and aesthetic values of your washroom environment. With Cubispec, you can achieve all your ambitions in the most effective way.

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