The Importance Of Having Suitable Toilet Facilities In Schools & Universities

How long is it since your washroom facilities were upgraded or even modernised? Do they cater for all of your student and staff needs? Would you accept the same level of hygiene, comfort or serviceability in your own home?

It’s time to come clean about washrooms.

As a school or university, your responsibility to students and staff encompasses every aspect of their health, safety and comfort. One area of that responsibility that’s easy to overlook is the washroom facilities, but the fact is, that to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene, the washrooms should be upgraded frequently
No amount of cleaning will suffice when it comes to toilet partitions – they need to be replaced to ensure proper standards of hygiene. The high volume of traffic and usage means that they can deteriorate faster and more significantly than any other building component.

The consequences of poor washroom facilities can range from students failing to concentrate because they’re uncomfortable yet refuse to use the facilities, to the spread of bacteria, higher ongoing maintenance and consumable costs, and incitement to vandalism.

Yet the solution can be simple and inexpensive.

Any washroom can be revitalised quickly and effectively by changing the toilet partitions and thoroughly cleaning the tiles. Cubispec has developed a high quality partition system that is cost effective and easy to install, and it’s available for your washroom makeover now.
The Cubispec team is happy to inspect your current facilities and point out areas of potential improvement, and to design, manufacture and install suitable upgrades.
You may wish to enhance the hygiene factor, to make standardised cleaning easier, to provide greater accessibility, or simply improve the washroom environment’s comfort and aesthetic values. With Cubispec, you can achieve all your aims.

Talk to Cubispec about your washroom needs, and see the difference a change in the quality of the “smallest room” can make.