Tips to Improving Commercial Washroom Experience

Most commercial washrooms are uninspiring and cluttered with no considerations made to take care of customers. A clean washroom can make or break customer service experience, especially if your company is in the hospitality or service sector. A positive washroom experience plays a vital role in shaping your business brand with visitors. You’ll want to create a welcoming space for your customers when they visit your commercial facility.

These tips will help you create the best washroom environment possible; a washroom that not only smells fresh but is hygienic and aesthetically pleasing too. Here are a few ways to create a wonderful experience for your customers to enjoy.

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1) Maximise the Space for Your Commercial Washroom

You can use design tricks to amplify the space of your washroom to make it look open and bigger. Using mirrors will create a slight optical illusion to make your bathroom seem larger. You can build a wall cabinet with different compartments to place bathroom accessories such as shampoos, body washes, and lotions. All these items can be stored and arranged as bathroom decor. Open cupboard spaces are also used to store items, complementary to bathroom design and texture. You can introduce space-saving bath accessories such as toilet railing and a wall-hung basin to organise your bathroom space.



2) Increase Privacy by Investing in Quality Materials

The key to customer comfort in commercial restrooms is to provide adequate privacy. This means using materials that can help you decrease the exterior visuals. Materials like HDPE plastic are great for toilet partitions because of their positive results. It’s a solid plastic that’s durable, impact-resistant, non-absorbent, and sustainable.

3) Keep the Washroom Clean

A clean environment is vital for visitor experience.
– In a restaurant, customers will associate the cleanliness of the washrooms with the hygienic standard of the kitchen.
– In a retail environment, shoppers will spend less time in stores where the toilets are not satisfactory.
– In school, students avoid washrooms that they find it unsafe and dirty, which can lead to reduced attention levels and even health problems.


The commercial washroom needs to be cleaned daily and should stay fresh for the customers who will use it. HDPE plastic partitions can help prevent mould growth and only requires low-maintenance. Using quality materials keeps the facilities clean.

Toilet surfaces should regularly be cleaned, using anti-bacterial wipes and surface sanitizers where possible. While routine cleaning is essential, and it can’t always prevent deposits of dirt, dust and grease in hard-to-reach areas. We recommend that you deep clean the washroom facilities at least twice a year, to prevent contamination. By changing poor hygiene habits and improving the environment in which best practice can flourish, you can see improvements in visitors’ health.

4) Consider Renovating Your Washroom

Think about renovating your washroom if it is outdated to keep up with industry trends. Transform your normal washroom to a stylish one by using the right materials and design implementations by starting from the ground up. With newer products, there is less chance of breaking things or needing fixes. Plus, your visitors will appreciate new washroom systems over corroded or discoloured ones.

Bathroom with white basin and mirror


5) Use the Right Products for your washroom

Make sure your restroom is well stocked with all toilet products. No one wants to be in the middle of the washroom and find out that there’s no toilet tissue available. If you’re a high volume business, install products such as towel, tissue, and soap dispensers in a substantial amount.

Necessities like toilet paper, hand towels and soap to improve odour and maintain washroom impression. Make sure your staff has access to all necessary cleaning tools such as wipes, mops and proper cleaning chemicals.

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