Shower Partitions In Melbourne

PODIUM Pedestal Mounted & Overhead Braced System

Architects have made the Podium Shower Partition one of our most popular styles over many years. The Pedestal mounted & braced system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh, clean lines and vibrant colour contrasts.
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podium shower partition

merge shower cubicle

MERGE Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced System

High usage bathroom areas can also be tasteful, offer enhanced privacy and provide architects with a spectrum of design choices. Cubispec's Merge Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced Shower Cubicle system offers you the opportunity to combine durability with style, while meeting even the most demanding client brief.
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​CENTURION Floor to Ceiling System

Simple and strong with a durable elegance, the Centurion Shower Partition system by Cubispec is especially suited to change rooms & commercial bathrooms. The full-length floor to ceiling design maximises privacy while combing strong, stylish lines while offering proven durability.
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​SABER Blade Mounted & Overhead Braced System

The Saber is the latest addition to our Shower Cubicle range. The Blade mounted & braced system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh, clean lines and vibrant colour contrasts.
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Commercial Shower Partitions In Melbourne

What makes a great shower partition? Is it the look, durability, or the comfort and privacy it provides? We, at Cubispec, believe the best shower partition is the one that provides you with the best comfort and functionality on the best value. If you are looking for shower partitions in Melbourne, we are here to understand your unique situation to offer you the best value in quality shower partitions.

Apart from offering you an exclusive range of shower partitions, Cubispec provides you with a customised solution for your unique requirements so that you won’t have to worry about designing your bathroom under standard dimensional norms. We understand the importance of consistency in design and what impact it makes in business. That is why, we offer you the right partition system that blends in with your design, colour, and style. All our shower partitions are not only durable and cleaning friendly but also well-designed and cost-effective.

We provide the best shower partitioning systems that function well in different fields ranging from schools and colleges to gyms to service industries and many more. Some of our most popular shower partition systems are PODIUM Pedestal Mounted & Overhead Braced System, MERGE Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced System, CENTURION Floor to Ceiling System, SABER Blade Mounted & Overhead Braced System. All these systems can be customised according to the shower and design requirements.

Our team at Cubispec is committed to understanding customers and their problems at the best. We work with our customers and believe that flawless communication is essential for the successful installation of a shower partition system. Having manufactured and supplied the best shower partitions in Australia for a long time, we understand the requirement of every restroom, locker rooms, and changing rooms in Melbourne no matter their size and functionality. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1800 951 235 to discuss your project requirements.