Antimicrobial Coated Straight Grab Rail – 750mm C to C



Material #304 Stainless Steel – 32mmØ
Finish Antimicrobial Coated
Mounting Concealed Fix – 78mmØ Mount
Specify ANMB_ML327 – 300mm C to C
ANMB_ML330 – 450mm C to C
ANMB_ML331 – 600mm C to C
ANMB_ML332 – 750mm C to C
ANMB_ML333 – 900mm C to C
Note:    * This unit is accessible compliant when installed in accordance with AS1428.1. guidelines.

Suitable Application

  • Commercial/Industrial Facilities
  • Public Facilities
  • Hospitality & Leisure Facilities
  • Accessible Compliant