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Toilet Roll Dispensers

A quality toilet paper holder is an essential washroom accessory. Find a wide variety of commercial toilet roll dispensers for your school, restaurant, office, gym, or other public areas. We have a large selection of commercial toilet roll dispensers available at an affordable price.


The toilet roll dispensers you need depends upon your bathroom size, design, and setup. Below are the different types of toilet paper holders available in our online store:

Single roll toilet paper holders: Find single toilet paper holders such as simple surface mounted and recessed single roll toilet holders at Cubispec.

Double toilet roll holders: Our double toilet roll holders categories include surface mounted double roll toilet paper, double toilet roll dispenser lockable, double jumbo toilet roll dispenser lockable, double toilet roll holder with hoods/shelf and many more.

Stainless steel toilet roll dispensers: Stainless steel toilet roll dispensers are durable, easy to clean, and rust-resistant.