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Timber Laminate Lockers

Timber Laminate Lockers

Practical, sturdy, and versatile, timber laminate lockers can be used for a range of applications from recreation, through to educational, hospitality, commercial and industrial areas.

Laminate lockers offer the most versatility by way of aesthetic design and finish. The laminate material they are built out of is sturdy and robust, making them resistant to scratches and dents. Another benefit of using laminate material is it does not rust in damp environments. It is suitable for both dry and wet areas.

Our timber laminate lockers are available in 2 Tier, 4 Tier and 2 Tier Wave lockers. You can also add storages for placing shoes. Cubispec provides you with the choice of different systems to safely store your items with confidence.

We are sure you will find the best locker solution. If not, call us at 1800 951 235 or chat with one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.