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Metal Lockers

Metal Locker

Lockers are important storage compartments to protect your belongings from theft or getting lost. These storage units are built using high-grade sheet metal with a standard key locking system to provide complete storage and safety solutions. Metal lockers are best if you want a long-lasting cabinet with higher security features.

These lockers provide users with durability and sturdiness and can last for many years. Other benefits include resistance from bacteria, chemicals, and harmful materials. One thing metal lockers have in common is the basic properties of sturdiness and enhances durability.
Designed for multi-purpose space, metal lockers are suited to different environments.

Cubispec has been Australia’s leading manufacturer of quality metal lockers for different applications. We have a complete line of metal lockers designed for heavy-duty use and storage. Available in various sizes, tier, heights and colours, we are sure you will find what you need. Call 1800 951 235, email or chat with one of our consultants to find the perfect locker solution for your project.