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Bench Seating

Changing Room Benches

You can’t skip on changing room bench seating. Changing room benches provide visitors with a convenient space to place their belongings, perch when removing shoes or relax after a workout. Changing room benches offer a comfortable space to sit after a tiresome workout. You can also use these benches in the locker room as locker room benches.

Cubispec is Australia’s leading suppliers of changing room bench seats. We design and develop our benches to meet the demands of schools, sports clubs, gyms, or health clubs. Our changing room benches will fit any space. We have benches such as single-sided benches, double-sided benches, benches with a coat rack, changing room benches with hooks, and many more.

Can’t decide which bench is right for your changing room? We can help! Email us at [email protected] or call 1800 951 235 to find a suitable bench for your space.