Gym Locker Fitout




Today’s gyms must be flexible and innovative as more people are incorporating fitness goals into their lifestyle and success strategies. People want to be able to workout knowing that their personal items are stored securely when needed.

Secure and durable gym lockers are a great option for giving your clients peace of mind and secure storage for their personal belongings when they are using your gym facilities. Cubispec offers a range of options to consider when choosing a gym locker fitout.


Gym Lockers Fitout

Cubispec is one of the most trusted suppliers of gym lockers throughout Australia. We have been supplying lockers and washroom products for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of gym lockers to help fitness clubs give their members peace of mind when storing personal belongings onsite. Other businesses choose our lockers because of their spacious interiors, durable components, and easy to clean materials.

A Customisable Solution

You don’t have to be restricted to certain door styles, latch options, and colours if you are considering Cubispec as your gym locker fitout partner. We build lockers considering your changing room specifications as they come in a range of sizes, colours, finishes, and other additional features. The lockers can be designed to meet the needs of your own business requirements no matter how challenging.

Ideal For Both Dry And Wet Environments

Our metal gym lockers are available for installation in different workout clubs including budget gyms, low-cost gyms, leisure centres, and sports clubs. Our gym lockers are ideal for both dry and wet environments as we offer a range of lockers that are available both in steel and plastic.


If you are looking for a storage solution for gym members to store their clothing, kit bags, and personal items such as keys and mobile phones, then our low-cost gym lockers are good to go. We also offer durable and stylish gym lockers that are ideal for applications that require a high degree of strength, or where the visual appeal of locker contents is desired. Some lockers we offer have enough space for people with disabilities wishing to store additional walking aids.

More Features

  • Quality long-lasting bulk storage solution for gyms with a large number of members.
  • Rustproof, easy to clean, and highly resistant to impact damage.
  • Available in standard colours.
  • Several styles, configurations, and options.
  • Storage with fast and easy access.
  • Cost-effective locker solution.
  • Right storage sizes.
  • Well-designed lockers with suitable materials and robust fittings.
  • Versatile across many industries.
  • Heavy-duty use.