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Reducing Onsite Construction Time with Prefabricated Hardware

The Construction Industry has always proven itself to be a very important contributor to the growth of our nation’s economy. The Construction Industry generates over $360 billion in revenue, producing around 9% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product, and has a projected annual growth rate of 2.4% in the next five years. In 2020, employment reached just under 1,180,000 and is projected to exceed 1,282,000 by 2024 (

The Construction Industry is currently still following out-dated, craft-based, highly labour-intensive principles. This archaic methodology results in project budget & timeline blowouts and dissatisfactory consequences with respect to quality, OH & S and environmental impact. Almost every other industry currently is being advanced with automation and modern, intelligent methodology to further efficiency & productivity.

With increasing pressure on labour costs throughout projects, Builders and Construction companies today rely heavily on the suppliers & contractors that can assist them with executing their construction projects safely, efficiently & defect free. The best suppliers & contractors must be continuously evolving and be incredibly efficient and reliable to be able to ensure that they are not creating additional cost & timeline pressure on Project & Site Managers. As the industry is very labour intensive, there are significant savings to be made through intelligent Process Engineering.

Modular Construction, also known as Prefabricated Construction, is a perfect example of the way Lean Manufacturing principles have found their way into the Construction Industry.

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How to Choose the Right Locker Material

A comprehensive guide on Timber Laminate Lockers, Lynx Metal Lockers and Durable Plastic Lockers 

Design and functionality are some of the most crucial factors you should consider when choosing the right locker for any facility, no matter what purpose it serves. Therefore, more consumers highly focus on these two features of lockers. However, there’s another essential factor many people tend to overlook: the locker material. Some business owners likely focus more on the aesthetic side and make a wrong decision by installing the lockers made with unsuitable materials for their premises. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to make sure they choose the right locker by educating them about what suits them the best.

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Mouldy Lockers? How to Deal with Mould and Mildew in Lockers And Locker Rooms

A complete guide to removing and preventing mould in your lockers

A nasty fungus that thrives in heat and moisture, mould is among the worst problems that fester in dark corners of restroom lockers. It grows in damp and humid environments, meaning restroom lockers are one of the ideal places for mould to thrive.

In most cases, mould spores find their way inside buildings through the wind or get tracked in by shoes, clothes, or other means. There is a small chance that they may sit dormant without causing problems, but mostly these mould spores turn into far bigger issues. They can cause substantial damage to tiles, making them erode and grout. Furthermore, mould can bring about various kinds of illness to the occupants, and worst of all, transform a beautiful facility environment into a smelly eyesore.

It is never a good experience to discover the growth of mould on the inside of lockers. Unless you have installed moisture-resistant lockers, mould can take a huge amount of cleaning time and effort. Furthermore, you’ll be spending your resources on additional processes for further inspection to find the root of mould built-up so prevention is better than cure here. Moreover, a mouldy locker can also damage you and your patron’s stored items, such as clothes, towels, shoes, paper items etc.

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The Essential Barriers: Your Guide To Ideal Toilet Partitions For Your Premises

Now that you have decided to build a commercial bathroom for your enterprise, we bet you don’t just want the washroom to fulfil your patrons’ basic requirements. You want to offer more because delivering an excellent washroom experience can positively affect your business and brand reputation. Various design elements, such as flooring, stall placement, right accessories, etc., can have a profound effect on the success of your commercial bathroom.

However, another crucial element in your commercial bathroom might not be one of the first things you think about. We’re talking about the bathroom partition. Installing the right toilet partition for your washroom can provide you with financial and functional benefits. Therefore, this article will help you to choose the correct partition for your commercial bathroom.

It won’t be considered a wise financial decision if you install an expensive toilet partition that deals with a limited number of users. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to install flimsy toilet partitions in your retail store, restaurant, or school washrooms that experience heavy traffic. Therefore, choosing the right partition starts with knowing your bathroom and what your partition is made from.

So without a further ado, let’s discuss the most common materials that make toilet partitions and how they ideally fit into your washroom environment.

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6 Important Commercial Bathroom Design Elements To Consider

Did you know seven out of ten office employees expect a similar experience when using their workplace restrooms as their bathrooms at home? A recent study from Armitage Shanks reveals fascinating facts that shows how commercial restrooms affect people’s decisions.

The study reports that many office employees believe the quality of the washrooms at their workspaces has a direct impact on their job satisfaction and wellbeing. Additionally, it also states that the bathroom experience of commercial sectors determines whether customers will return to the business or not. According to a similar survey from Bradley corp, people spend more in the businesses that provide them with better washroom experience.

There are several studies and proofs that back up the fact that your commercial bathroom can play a vital role in driving the reputation of your enterprise. An impact on reputation means a more significant impact on the future of your business. Therefore, if you are planning to build a new washroom facility for your business or refurbishing an old one to address the demands of users, you should keep in mind that design plays a vital role in accomplishing your goals.

The ideal bathroom is about providing your users with great experience and also about achieving it efficiently so that it favours your finances as well. There is no universal formula to achieve a perfect bathroom, but if you understand the essential elements of a bathroom design, it’s not that hard!

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Useful Tips To Revive Your Commercial Bathroom On A Budget

If you thoroughly study a survey conducted by showers to you, office bathroom facilities heavily account to employee satisfaction and retention. A well-maintained washroom is more than just a bathroom for employees where they prefer doing other activities such as putting on make-up or chatting with their colleagues.

Most students avoid restrooms of schools if they find them unsuitable to use. It can lead to physical discomforts that would not only distract them during productive hours but also heavily influence their health in the long term. Unclean restrooms impact student’s perception of the school too. Whereas, a welcoming bathroom environment of your restaurant not only helps build your brand image but also encourages positive feeling in customers about your business.

A quality washroom is crucial for the reputation of your enterprise no matter what industry you are in. That’s why you must maintain your bathroom regularly. On top of everything, the present global situation has raised the bar for the standard of a commercial bathroom, so keeping them impeccably clean isn’t the only concern anymore.

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Accessories For Commercial Washrooms: Ideas And Considerations

You’ll have to tick all the essential boxes of comfort, safety, and accessibility to provide your commercial washroom users with a great experience. When we talk about user experience, however, we mostly focus on the design and layout of the washroom facility. But let’s not forget, accessories play an equally important role as they are one of the most crucial bathroom essentials. 

Although you’ll be installing several bathroom accessories in your washroom to comply with regulations, it’s primary purpose should be ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience for washroom users. A 2018 survey from Sofidel revealed that more customers demand cleanliness as well as right accessories in commercial washrooms. Moreover, the installation of the right accessories is equally crucial in commercial bathrooms of offices and educational facilities as well. 

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Washroom Renovation: Hospitality Washroom On A Budget

A well-designed functional washroom can significantly influence the customer’s experience and satisfaction in the hospitality industry. Restrooms are often not given the level of importance they should be when compared to other amenities, but according to a survey made by Formica Group in 2019, your patrons expect better comfort and experience compared to what they are commonly offered. Therefore, it may be time for a commercial washroom renovation. According to another study completed by tourism review in February 2020, almost two-thirds of people consider washrooms as the most essential features of hotels. With washrooms being so essential, it may be time to consider a washroom renovation.

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Washroom Experience – 6 Tips For a Commercial Washroom

Washroom experience of the users has a lot to do with their overall perception of your establishment. We often overlook the importance of providing users with a comfortable washroom experience in public washrooms. But it shouldn’t be. Given that a lousy washroom experience can cost you your customers, prestige, and damage your brand image. Various researches have identified the impact of bad washroom experience in different sectors.

  • Were in an era when most offices are designed with a human-centric approach. However, office spaces are not the only place that helps carry out human-first ethos in design. More employees believe that below standard washrooms demonstrate a lack of care from the owner for them. Although it’s minimum, washroom experiences also impact employee retention.
  • People don’t spend much time exploring the store in the retail environment if the washroom doesn’t offer them an experience at the level expected. In the worst cases, unclean and unhygienic toilet facilities will turn customers away.
  • Bad washroom experience can cost loyal customers in the hospitality business because people associate the hygiene of the washrooms with the cleanliness of the kitchen in hotels and restaurants.
    In schools, students who don’t feel safe and clean avoid the restroom totally, which not only reduces their attention levels but can also hugely impact negatively on their health.

Providing an excellent and comfortable washroom experience to the users in public facilities isn’t just about better cleaning or better design. Understanding the users and their behaviours will also allow you to offer them a better washroom experience with simple improvements to your facility.

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Public Washroom: Transforming In COVID-19 World.

Experts suggest that public washroom designs are not given the level of importance they deserve. However, the way we use public washrooms has transformed in recent years with innovation and the advancement of technology. As different sectors are identifying the psychological influence of washroom use and incorporating them correctly to suit various types of people, modern restrooms have been providing users with better experiences.

The current scenario, however, has reminded us to reconsider the importance of safe
washroom spaces.

As businesses are making new safety codes mandatory while resuming the operations after months of closure, keeping our public washrooms safe and free from transmission of microorganisms can be a challenging job.

A COVID-safe environment is only possible when washrooms are given the highest priority while accommodating the health & safety advice and regulations. Failing to do so will risk restrooms, becoming a hotspot of virus transmission.

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