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Difference Between ’18mm Vertiboard MR’ and ’13mm Compact Laminate’

As more people ask about the difference between high-pressure and low-pressure laminates, you may want to look at different aspects of both materials to make it easier for you to decide what laminate to choose for your washroom systems.

When choosing material for your washroom, you need to consider how much abuse the face of the panel will receive and what amount of money you are willing to spend on the panels. In this article, we will discuss the differences between 18mm Vertiboard MR and 13mm Compact Laminate.

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The Ultimate Green Washroom – Does an eco-friendly washroom in service businesses attract new customers?

Green practices are becoming more and more of the norm, as companies realise the impact of incorporating ecological and sustainable practices on their business.

From economic savings to influencing customer perception towards your company, there are loads of benefits for making your business more eco-friendly. An eco-friendly environment also improves employee and customer satisfaction.

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Tips to Improving Commercial Washroom Experience

Most commercial washrooms are uninspiring and cluttered with no considerations made to take care of customers. A clean washroom can make or break customer service experience, especially if your company is in the hospitality or service sector. A positive washroom experience plays a vital role in shaping your business brand with visitors. You’ll want to create a welcoming space for your customers when they visit your commercial facility.

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dark grey centurion toilet partition

Benefits of Compact Laminate Toilet Partitions

Compact laminate is a go-to material for high traffic environments. Suitable for many applications, this material is both durable and appealing.

Its distinctive black core is not only a feature that separates it from other materials but the whole high-pressure manufacturing process makes the material durable from the rest.

Compact laminate is a high-pressure structural laminate built by dipping multiple layers of kraft paper in resin and drying it. These layers are then baked between the laminated top and bottom sheets. The process of polymerisation fuses the layers together, creating a solid-core panel that is strong, supporting, water-resistant and requires low maintenance.

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How to Clean Your Toilet and Shower Partitions

Keeping public restrooms clean at all times is essential to prevent health hazards and deter vandalism. Restrooms have many different parts that require effective cleaning and the less obvious ones are easy to overlook. Cleaners may focus on the toilets and floors, but particles carrying bacteria can easily be transferred to the partitions and handles during regular use, hence these need to be cleaned regularly as well. Neglecting partitions can leave the restroom looking grubby, unhygienic and uninviting.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Washroom Refurbishment

A washroom is a washroom, right? Unfortunately, not, as public toilets are not created equal. Neglected or unhygienic facilities leave its visitors with a negative impression at best or scarred for life, at worst. If you’re planning an overhaul, key decisions will make or break the success of your project. Here’s some do’s and don’ts to consider.

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These Subtle Washroom Fails Might Be Turning Customers Away

You’d think there isn’t much that can go wrong when it comes to washroom design, wouldn’t you? But some truly hilarious fails are to be found online. Setting aside delights like twin toilets sociably facing each other in one stall, cubicle doors that only cover the upper half of the doorway and zero cubicle legroom, we take a look at the less obvious reasons why your washroom might be putting your customers off.

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