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About Us

Manufacturing to the highest standards

Cubispec is also committed to a level of customer care that makes the washroom aspect a project straightforward and rewarding. At Cubispec, our aim is to create the most efficient, durable, economical and stylish commercial washrooms in Australia.

Perfecting the washroom environment from design to completion.

We design and manufacture a complete range of washroom and change room fittings, including toilet and shower partitions, lockers and bench seating, in a diverse array of colours, materials and designs. We also provide fittings from vanities to signage including Braille, plumbing fittings, change tables and shower curtain rails.

About Us

Our Journey

Our product range, our expertise and our reputation have been growing quickly since we started Cubispec in 2012, and relocating to Perth in 2017 has greatly enhanced our manufacturing capacity and distribution access. Our implementation of the Lean Total Excellence Manufacturing system ensures that we are highly efficient and competitive, while remaining flexible and adaptable to our clients’ needs. Recent expansion into Melbourne continues our journey to becoming the leading toilet partition supplier in Australia.

One of the things our clients most appreciate in working with us is the Cubispec team’s ability to collaborate with them on design and functionality to create the best possible outcomes, and our commitment to manufacturing the designs we produce to the highest possible standards.

Our Mission

We seek to reward and elevate every client, employee and investor.

Our Vision

Supplier of quality washroom solutions providing value for money in Western Australia and Victoria.

Our Core Values

Positivity - positive or optimistic in attitude.

Urgency - an urgent or persistent quality.

Accuracy - the quality or state of being correct or precise.

Integrity - quality of being honest or having good character.